The Peril of a Pisces

“The intuitive dreamer”, they call my kind.

There’s some truth to that. There again, a coo coo for cocoa puffs as I am about horoscopes and zodiac signs. I find myself in and out of believing I fit the “full” description of a Pisces.

I fantasize often, can always predict something before it happens, read people very well and am extremely sensitive. On the contrary though, I am not easily swayed or pretty much the “cry baby” the internet describes an average pisces to be.

Compassionate? Yes, very. Naive or delusional– if I had to guess, I believe i’m far from it. My point here being that it grinds my gears that people really live by the zodiac code. I agree it has some truth, but it amazes me that the zodiac ( as ancient as it is) is still followed by so many.

Why are they so addicting? I know so many people that check their horoscope each morning when waking up. And others who browse their compatibility between themselves and another sign when meeting a potential partner– which I may or may not be guilty of.

It’s insane to me that we go by a general synopsis of what the internet tells us we are according to what month we were born in. Yet, some of us continue to read up on these because it provides us with some sort of answers.

The peril of a pisces is riveting. Represented by a fish, it symbolizes the end of the circle yet is also the sign of rebirth, eternity, and reincarnation.  ” My kind” are believed to be more in tune with the spiritual world than any other sign. Much of their energy is spent on their inner spiritual journey. Pisces are said to be old souls who may have so much experience because they have lived past lives.

Now this part, I can believe. I truly believe I’m an old soul. I’ve been told I was, ” very mature for my age” as far back as I can remember. It’s the little truth in our zodiacs that I believe keep us hooked.

Is it healthy to live life by horoscopes? To entertain what the internet predicts about your day, your week, your entire year? Further more, should we really be using our zodiacs to determine who’s compatible to us or who we should or shouldn’t associate with because they are the wrong sign for us to “mix and mingle” with? Just food for thought.


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