Twitter Police Patrol ISIS Scandals

A twitter account was suspended by Twitter police because of its’ claim for responsibility in an ISIS terror act.

The account praised on and on about the shooting in Chattanooga before the suspect was identified. Luckily now, the account has been suspended by the mighty Twitter police.

Although Twitter is supposed to be a freedom of our first amendment to tweet away whatever our little hearts desire, I believe the “trust committee” the Twitter police have established is a rather noble one.

It’s already bad enough that terrorist attacks from ISIS has leaked its way into America. Even worse, ISIS has made themselves bigger and badder by publicizing their acts on social media. It’s a terrible attempt for negative attention, but clearly these folks could care less about how people perceive the message they’re sending just as long as we get it.

This particular Twitter account took responsibility for the shootings in Tennessee last summer. The shooting killed four men of service in the Marines outside the Chattanooga Marine and Navy Reserve Center.

Though this may be old news because sadly several more ISIS attacks have set its’ ugly foot in innocent cities in America, I believe this particular incident is a prime example of how Twitter and its “trust committee” or protection system can step in at the right time to shut negative and perilous things like these down.

Twitter shouldn’t be a free cyberspace for violence or hate acts/crimes. I believe the Twitter police really did the right thing in this situation– that makes me happy. I hope this continues, because ISIS hasn’t been put to a stop just yet.


One thought on “Twitter Police Patrol ISIS Scandals

  1. Tyler Smith

    Carmen, I believe the Twitter police did the right thing as well. This whole situation with ISIS is serious business and until things are smoothed over, we shouldn’t “brush over’ comments that raise a brow.


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