Trump Wins Over Swamp State in GOP Primary

Donald J. Trump
Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump waves has he arrives for a campaign rally Monday, Feb. 8, 2016, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Despite some national Republican Party leaders begging their “faithful” not to support Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner continued his hot streak Saturday (March 5) by winning the Louisiana presidential primary.

Might I say, being a native Louisianian, what does our vote say about which candidate our faith lies? Or perhaps an even greater question– what would Donald’s election as President of the United States mean for our country?

The Associated Press along with many other news outlets projected Trump to be the winner almost a half hour after the polls closed.

In my opinion, Trump appears to be more vulnerable in the Southwest and Midwest. He’s taken over Cruz’s supporters now in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa.

The real estate mogul’s meteoric and improbable rise has baffled people and set off a surge of soul-searching within the GOP race. Trump’s excessive use of vulgarity and his controversial immigration policies have incensed some party leaders enough to attempt to derail his bid for the nomination.

But Trump’s victory in Louisiana Saturday could put that goal even farther out of reach.

How many of Louisiana’s 46 delegates will be pledged to Trump or his major rivals, Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida, at the national convention in Cleveland this summer will depend on a state party formula. No at-large delegates will be awarded to candidates who didn’t capture at least 20 percent of the vote.

Cruz, who campaigned in Mandeville on Friday, finished second to Trump, furthering his argument that he is best positioned to overtake Trump or force a brokered convention in Cleveland.

Trump’s rally in a hangar at Lakefront Airport the night before the polls opened encapsulated the feelings of anger and frustration among mostly white, working- and middle-class voters who have flocked to the billionaire businessman. His hour-long speech was punctuated several times by protesters accusing Trump and his followers of xenophobia and racism.

At one point, an audience member was waving a Mexican flag, and Trump stopped his speech to ask whether that person was “friend or foe.”

Trump has been criticized for his promise to build a massive wall along the Rio Grande and to force Mexico to pay for it.

The next big primary contests are scheduled for March 15, when the delegate-rich, winner-take-all states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio will vote.

With Primaries being over, who is our country in favor of? Trump the cocky business confidant or Hilary the slithering “kill them with kindness” serpent?

So far, with Louisiana’s “okay” vote for Trump as our Republican elect, does this mean that Louisiana is in favor of being under his rule– that the swamp state is either in favor of Trump or would just rather him over Hilary Clinton and her shenanigans?


One thought on “Trump Wins Over Swamp State in GOP Primary

  1. CM

    It’s worth noting that while Trump “won” Louisiana, Ted Cruz only trailed him by single digits and actually tied him for delegates. So in reality, they “tied” in Louisiana. Btw, great SNL clip. Hammond is hilarious as Trump!


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