Kim Kardashian West Breaks the Internet Yet Again

The mother of two showed off her post-pregnancy bod on her social media channels early Monday morning.


Kim Kardashian is well on her way to breaking the Internet—again—after posting a nude selfie just 13 weeks after giving birth to her second child.

The reality star-entrepreneur captioned the pic, in which her modesty (and Instagram’s nudity policy) is preserved by two black censor bars, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”


In this case, however, Internet sleuths have suggested that the full-length photograph, which appears to have been taken in a bathroom mirror, may be from last year, since Kim’s tousled hair is peroxide blonde in the snap. It wouldn’t be the first time that the most famous Kardashian was busted using some clever Photoshop work in her Instagram photos.

Of course, the picture caused controversy and a social media uproar. Some KKW fans in support of her nude picture saying, “You go Kim! Embrace your beautiful post-pregnancy bod! Not all of us can.” And a rather different wrath from the public with comments on the picture like, “All that money and you couldn’t find one item of clothing to cover yourself? You’re a mother for Christ’s sake!”

In defending herself, Kim later used Twitter to clear the air that the photo she’d posted was from a year ago when she went blonde, but still used it to post via Instagram because she felt as though she was in amazing post-pregnancy shape.


Back in August, while she was pregnant with Saint West, Kardashian posted a nude selfieto her social media channels to combat her rampant physique -shaming she was receiving. It was, like all things Kardashian, a shameless cry for attention, but at this point you can’t knock the hustle—Kim knows what she’s doing, and she does it well.

I am a Kardashian fan (everyone I know know that), I’m proud to admit that though I don’t always agree with their actions or morals. However, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around why celebrity women feel it necessary or socially “ethical” to post nude pictures of themselves over the internet for billions of people to view?

I believe our bodies are our sanctuaries. At what point did public nudity over social media become acceptable or the “cool thing” to do? I totally agree with the concept of our right to exercise the first amendment to our freedom of expression– but at what point does it cross the line?


Thank goodness Instagram has nudity censors which allowed for black bars to be placed over her “girly-private parts”, but c’mon Kim. I know you’re beautiful, confident and proud but let’s not forget that you’re a wife and more importantly a mother of two that you’ll have to answer to someday as to why you thought it was socially acceptable to post nude pictures of yourself on the internet and caption them “When you’re like I have nothing to wear. Lol.”

Regardless of being a huge Kardashian fan, I’m trying my best to look at this from an unbiased perspective. Nude or fully clothes, with this photo being posted around the same day as International Women’s Day, was this photo empowering women or degrading them?

Another Kardashian cry for attention or Kim’s right just like anyone else’s to express herself as she desires? What do you think?


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