Interracial relationships still flare up ‘#HateNation’

Scrolling through my Twitter feed about or a day or so ago I was taken back by what I read. A mere cry out to the “Twitter public” on what one of my close friends considered so unfair.

Maddie McCammon, a 22 year old from Canada clearly posted this tweet out of her own anger and frustration of what she sees to be a problem in our society. Being her friend, I reached out to her to confide in her.

Maddie’s culture and upbringing was far different from mine. Being from the south and growing up biracial was far from easy. Maddie on the other hand, came from a nation where race, skin color or any other means of ethnic background are simply irrelevant.

She prefers dating the “tall , dark and handsome” type, where as I’ve always seemed to date white men– dark hair, athletic build and tall (enough so I can wear heels!) Maybe I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but my point being that we all– male and female– regardless of race, have a preference in who we chose to date.

So why should we allow society to dictate who it is that we chose to date? My solution is that we shouldn’t.


American history has always exercised a great hatred for interracial unions. Dated back to the beginning of when this country was founded, some things in our “evolving” society has ironically never changed.

We seem to slowly warm up to change, but new generations shouldn’t have to suffer from the old ways this country doesn’t want to rid of.


After talking with Maddie I felt her frustration– I, too, have gone through the emotional roller coaster of battling with society’s opinion of who I should and shouldn’t be dating.

Just because she is a young, white female doesn’t mean that she can only date white men. She should be able to date black, asian,hispanic or even yellow, green or purple men if she wants to.

Our society has done a fine job of manipulating what is and isn’t accepted, but when it comes to interpersonal relationships and love– the judging has gone too far!


Maddie shouldn’t be profiled by her dating preference and neither should anybody else. Who we chose to be with is a freedom of choice. And freedom, from what I’ve always understood, was supposed to be what this great nation was founded upon.

Sadly, young men and women still receive scrutiny from the public about their dating preference. Before I came to an a point in my life where I accepted my race and grew confident in my dating preference, I was suffered from society’s torment just like Maddie.

As if getting the heat from friends, family or even just random people in public, interracial relationship-racism is very much alive and who knows when the viral disease will ever die out.


As I explained to my friend, it shouldn’t be about the color of the person you’re dating but about how that person treats you and more importantly– if you’re happy.


Classifying young women in Louisiana by if they “f&%$ black guys or not” should be irrelevant and is rather ignorant to me. More or less, is this the way we judge people now a days? Something needs to change, and it’s going to have to start with our generation making a difference.


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